Restoration, refinishing and maintenance for residential and commercial decks

After a deck is installed on your home or commercial property, maintenance will likely be needed in time. It doesn’t matter if the decking material is wood or composites, it will be subjected to visible and tough to see wear and tear.

Depending on climate and weather conditions, deck material may suffer damage from water and moisture, rot, attacks from insects, or discoloration from sunlight exposure. In most cases, damage is cosmetic. However, it may also have the potential to cause injury to users.

If you need decking maintenance, our Salem, Oregon deck professionals can help. Our fully licensed and insured contractors have delivered quality repairs, restoration, and refinishing to hundreds of residential and business decks over the years.

We fully diagnose issues with your deck through a complete and thorough assessment. We then determine what is needed to repair damage and offer solutions that meet your needs and budget.

In rare instances, a deck may be beyond repair. If that is the case, you may elect to have it torn down and have new deck installed.

Our estimates are free, accurate and transparent. We also offer reasonable rates.

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Common reasons for needing deck repair services

Do you require professional work completed on your deck? Let’s look at a few common reasons for needing deck maintenance:

Weather impact

Decks usually suffer the damaging effects of rain, snow, sun and sleet. Common issues include discoloration, scuffing, and rotting caused by sand and soil, mosses, and other infestations that are wind blow and tear up wood surfaces.

In time, the planks rot and splinters form. This is the beginning of a horrible cycle as splintering causes a rough surface that is difficult to maintain and clean. At the same time, your deck becomes inviting to unwanted plants and dirt. The result is a dingy and damp that needs work.

Damage from moisture is also another weather-related issue. If the deck support feet are engulfed in water regularly or for a long period of time, or puddles tend to form on the deck, the wood is likely to rot and fail. In those cases, repair or replacement is necessary.

Discoloration is also not good for decks. Over years, weather effects on your deck can result in fading of the surfaces. To ensure uniformity, you will likely need to re-stain and reseal the whole deck.

Wobbly decks

A deck will move slightly as its main supports settle in the ground or age and weaken. If sinking and settling is minimal, it may not be a problem. However, uneven or excessive settling can lead to weakness and wear on the deck supports. In extreme cases, this may cause the deck to fail and collapse. Signs of settling can include a slanted, uneven or wobbly deck.

Insect attacks

Wood that is untreated or not treated properly can suffer attacks by pesky insects and beetles. Such insects may include ants, termites, wood borer, and woodworms. Wood damaged by insects may need to be replaced and treated.

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